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HF Memento - Love Beyond

HF Memento - Love Beyond

After having horse Berry's head decapitated, let's move on to the next Memento's story: Love Beyond.

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HF Memento - Love Beyond

HF Memento - Love Beyond

After having horse Berry's head decapitated, let's move on to the next Memento's story: Love Beyond. This is a touchy and creepy love story about a guy who wanted to bring her loved one wife, who recently deceased, back to life, at no matter what conditions. His blind love made him do a terrible mistake. Something he couldn't live with anymore...

A guy loses a wife and moves into a new house with the daughter. After a while, a ghost appearance starts to haunt their residence, so a guy eventually starts to speak to his wife again. Love blossomed. She gave him the exact instructions of what needs to be done so she could get back to a real world. This is a story about bringing back the dead. Is it possible? Who knows, maybe one day it will. I know there are some tech companies at this moment who are claiming they will be capable of bringing the dead people back to life within next 30 years or so. Will see.

For some of us who are like me, not very skillful in solving these mind-boggling puzzles, maybe this walkthrough might be a good starting point. It's been made exclusively by the very maker of the game - FM studio.

Basically, from this point on, you wander the house, paying attention to the details such as constellation picture, a puzzle with the flowers (this is how you get a metal disk and a slip of paper), paintings hanging on the rope, secret safe boxes built into the wall, and so on.

Eventually, the idea is to figure out how to build a machine and make it work. The machine is supposed to connect their daughter with the ghost in order to bring guy's wife back to life. But there's a twist in the story. Who is this ghost really? Did the guy just make the mistake of his life? He lost the wife, but will he lose a daughter as well?

Is there a way out from this cruel reality? "These obscure loves have desperate ends".

spoopybirbbspoopybirbb : yay

BadEverDayXDBadEverDayXD : ı m ŞOK

rzcrzc : MOOOAR!!!

FluffybutternubsFluffybutternubs : Not sure if that was deep...or angsty XD

Mike_Schmidt_FNAFMike_Schmidt_FNAF : ween

thecrazyonethecrazyone : i didnt like how he hanged himself..i felt sad..

thecrazyonethecrazyone : this was fun...or was it.. >.>

scary_kidscary_kid : well, this was fun

Chara Dreemurr [undertale]Chara Dreemurr [undertale] : not bad

SpoopzMasterPinkySpoopzMasterPinky : nic ending. 1 hour of solving puzzles and i get this? man, i wish i had another dark souls to finish...

SpoopzMasterPinkySpoopzMasterPinky : 17th

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