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The Grudge

The Grudge
The curse is about to claim yet another victim.
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The Grudge

The curse is about to claim yet another victim. Are you brave enough to leave your own name?

The year 2013 brought us several great horror films, the best of them The Conjuring, which brought us back to the time of good old j-horrors, The Ring and of course The Grudge. That was the incentive for us to remember, now a bit older game form 2010, directly inspired by the movie The Grudge.

It is a classical survival horror game with main plot placed in a haunted house where you go in on your own accord. And that is why is it necessary to give your name at the beginning of the game and thus sign the Letter of Acceptance. With this document you accept all responsibility for whatever can happen to you while inside the house, including the worst scenario possible. The game starts with a simple task to change the sheets in the bedroom which is on the first floor of the house.

About The Grudge Movie

The Grudge movie is made in 2004 as a remake of an original Japanese horror film Ju-on: The Grudge, made in 2002 and directed by Takashi Shimizu. After that one, two more sequels were made The Grudge 2 (2006) and The Grudge 3 (2009). The main character from the movie Kayako, irresistibly resembles Samara from the movie The Ring, which is also originally J-horror and also an American remake. J-horror is short for Japanese Horror which has due to its specificity in regard to the western culture got its own genre. Movie The Grudge encountered mixed reviews from critics and audience alike because of its similarity to the movie The Ring.

Curse Death Fury & Reborn

The main idea of the movie is 'When someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage ... A curse is born'. That curse stays where the violent death had occurred and waits for someone to come along and take it with. The survivor will carry that curse inside - until new death and another reborn.

Official Grudge Trailer

The Grudge Online Game Walkthrough

How to play this game

This is point and click horror game, and only way to navigate is using mouse. When you go up the stairs you will see 3 rooms. Room on the right is the 'closet room'. When you click the closet 2x you will see the boy. Then, in the upper left corner, the passage to the attic will show up. There, you will find a cell phone. Basically all you should do is stick to the check list: call when you get home, pick up moms pills from the bathroom, take food for mom from the refrigerator. Journey to the attic is the scariest of all and most dangerous as well. When you get up there, move the mouse to the left and pick up the phone. When it stops flickering, click on it and that's it - you have won the game. Since Kayako shows up completely random, it takes a lot of luck to complete the game, and it is very likely that you will be playing this game several times before you manage to finish it.

KittensAreEvilKittensAreEvil : Good game.

kalli_tpkalli_tp : Don't like it -_-

Joseph KayJoseph Kay : Well, this one made me feel nostalgic, The Grudge has always been one of my fav horror movies ever, IΒ΄m also a big big fan of this japanese horror aesthetic , but tbh the game was not what I expected altought I enjoyed it a bit

fluttershyfluttershy : i died cause i forgot the pills XD

BadEverDayXDBadEverDayXD : @insxcurity :D

insxcurityinsxcurity : fuck this game

AdrianAnxietyAdrianAnxiety : Meh..

farzfarz : turn donw the volume ( hint )

PopeePopee : This is a good game. Brightness is kinda meh, but I enjoyed this.

pixiegspixiegs : I can't get full screen! does any one have this issue?

KeanSooHighKeanSooHigh : I always Dead!..

Queen Creep04Queen Creep04 : And I died! but, still a good game though.

MemeKitty16MemeKitty16 : Ah it reminds me so much of the movies haha the game was a tad creepy would be great if it was scary like the movie!

fsdfsdffsdfsdf : It's loading is too long!!

crazykiller22crazykiller22 : YoU'RE GoNNa DiE

LillyCLillyC : everything is fine until the dead one doesn't start to make noises. freaking me tf out. i cant. k bye

thecrazyonethecrazyone : saw the movie of the grudge when i was lil... i was scared shitless man an this game brings some memories

SpoopzMasterPinkySpoopzMasterPinky : @Mike_Shmidt_FNAF me too XD

smoke30smoke30 : Im dead :(

insxcurityinsxcurity : ghughuhughughug this literally freaks me out idk why, 9/10

SpoopzMasterPinkySpoopzMasterPinky : I get into the game.It's preety spoopy.i go to the bathroom-of the game-.i hear the sound from the movie. Me:WHO'S FARTING?maybe it's mom.probably she has diharreia

Hacker 2015Hacker 2015 : FUCK YA IS CARES

Chara Dreemurr [undertale]Chara Dreemurr [undertale] : Damnit i think i lost, but almost did it

angeltheherovampireangeltheherovampire : Ended up dying. Still a good game, Gonna favorite it.

Mike_Schmidt_FNAFMike_Schmidt_FNAF : I'm not sleeping again for the second night in a row. x'D

xkcszxkcsz : I KNOW WHAT TO DO! I've found dis... eat the game heres how 1. first, look at your checklist. it will list a couple things you have to do. you need to complete those before you do anything else. here they are: a. call me when you get home. to do this just go to the room with a tv and click on the phone and press the yellow button. done! (press the black button to go away from it). b. mom's pills are in the bathroom. go upstairs and click on the sink picture. now click the cubboard. now there's gonna be some scary thing! but then you're done. c. get mom food from the refridgerator. just go into the tv room and click on the picture with lots of rice paper around it (there's also a kitchen table). now click on the refrigherator. now click it again when it flashing again. done! d. something about laundry. go to the porch and click on all of the photograph pictures. they will disappear. now go up the stairs, and click on the door straight ahead. click on it again boom! click on it again boom! and click it one more time sha-bam!! now open the closet (you could die here by chance) and hope you live, then click the closet again. done! i think thats all of them. but when you have all your chores done, go upstairs and click on the door on the right. warning: this part is scary! now open the white, flashing closet just a creak. now open it again (you could die here by chance) and hope you live, then see a little boy sitting in the closet. now click on the glowing blue opening over the closet (if you lived) to go to the attic. this is the part with the highest chance of you dieing. if you *somehow* (like i did) survive, move your mouse to the left, and grab the phone. click on it when it stops flashing. congragulations! you won! and ur welcome it easy but it quite scary

xkcszxkcsz : What's the secret of this game?

xkcszxkcsz : Master piece!

ShedreiplayzShedreiplayz : pretty scary.

cordeliacordelia : Uggh games like these frustrate me. Probably just because I'm so bad at them though lol xp

ButtercupButtercup : i went up up and up to the bathroom and looking at medicines *game over* oops i died!

Sea The Antiquated Puppet (ζ΅· 苏打)Sea The Antiquated Puppet (ζ΅· 苏打) : *opens the closet* hmmm nothing bad- oh wait. . . dammit i died

cordeliacordelia : Pov is super trippy and confusing. I like the basic idea a lot though!

ScientistScientist : That grunting noise kinda annoyed me, some good nice lil' jumpscares are healthy i think, it's like improving your horror reactions, i am almost one year on DHG and i feel like i got better reaction reflexes both in games and real life. Probably for my fingers in geometry dash XD

scary_kidscary_kid : lol, this active desktop must be "out-of-date" :D

scary_kidscary_kid : It's creepy, I was finally able to make some progress :D

kusobakachankusobakachan : so even though you do everything, you still die. It is a good game ill give you that.

FoxyPirate56912FoxyPirate56912 : I did all the tasks but I still die!What do I need to do in order to finish the game?And btw I do get the phone from the attic

Cute PrincessCute Princess : Really spooky.... Don't have the guts to play long.. LOL

serialzeroserialzero : Found the pills this time. Then got killed looking for the laundry. Progress! LOL XD

scary_kidscary_kid : I got into one room, and the game is still loading, mybe I could survive forever waiting to load :D LOL

serialzeroserialzero : Well, I died pretty quickly. Not quite sure what I was supposed to do, but the visuals were still really awesome. XD

KevShin007KevShin007 : this still hunt me

rainbowsgoboomrainbowsgoboom : eh.

rainbowsgoboomrainbowsgoboom : This is a wee bit confusing?

tay_Gtay_G : holy shit!!!! I don't have the guts to even to even try to finish it. It's too scary for me...

omaryoussef377omaryoussef377 : after i watched the gameplay below am glad i didnt play it lol

Vincent Bishop FNAFVincent Bishop FNAF : A little bit scary.

Masterblaster12Masterblaster12 : i dont like games where you have to think too much

ScarecrowScarecrow : Not a bad point and click, a bit creepy.

OlivierOlivier : funny x3

MINERNOLANMINERNOLAN : Kind of frustrating because I keep dying :/

glitch36glitch36 : it glitchs for me but still scarey

Captain KawaiiCaptain Kawaii : this is so creepy

JaneTheKillerJaneTheKiller : It's so hard to win :(!

MINERNOLANMINERNOLAN : I loved the movie. If only this wasn't point and click.. (it does have some animations) if this was 1st person 3d it would be sooo scary. It's also hard to win because you don't know where you would die and where you won't.

KevShin007KevShin007 : f*****g creepyyyyy!!!

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  • avatar
    KittensAreEvil (207) - 2018-09-20, 07:17
    Good game.

  • avatar
    kalli_tp (327) - 2018-08-27, 12:47
    Don't like it -_-

  • avatar
    Joseph Kay (706) - 2018-06-28, 01:44
    Well, this one made me feel nostalgic, The Grudge has always been one of my fav horror movies ever, IΒ΄m also a big big fan of this japanese horror aesthetic , but tbh the game was not what I expected altought I enjoyed it a bit

  • avatar
    fluttershy (98) - 2018-05-02, 01:26
    i died cause i forgot the pills XD

  • avatar
    BadEverDayXD (3601) - 2018-03-19, 16:09
    @insxcurity :D

  • avatar
    insxcurity (219) - 2018-02-10, 20:43
    fuck this game

  • avatar
    AdrianAnxiety (228) - 2018-01-31, 00:23

  • avatar
    farz (175) - 2018-01-17, 14:22
    turn donw the volume ( hint )

  • avatar
    Popee (52) - 2018-01-12, 14:38
    This is a good game.

    Brightness is kinda meh, but I enjoyed this.

  • avatar
    pixiegs (14) - 2017-11-13, 05:39
    I can't get full screen! does any one have this issue?

  • avatar
    KeanSooHigh (125) - 2017-09-17, 11:33
    I always Dead!..

  • avatar
    Queen Creep04 (135) - 2017-08-27, 17:35
    And I died! but, still a good game though.

  • avatar
    MemeKitty16 (361) - 2017-08-17, 22:34
    Ah it reminds me so much of the movies haha the game was a tad creepy would be great if it was scary like the movie!

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